Talking Presentations Testimonials

Up to and including 26 Sep 2018, we have run 228 Talking Presentations workshops in the GCC. To date, 1,718 Executives, including; 57 Managing Directors, 233 Directors and 877 Senior Managers have participated in this powerful two-day professional development programme.

Prepare to be inspired! Take a moment to read what these executives have to say about the impact Talking Presentations had on them and their business;

  • Allel Hadri, Managing Partner Killa Design

    “I participated in Talking Presentations 7 months ago. The training has lifted my confidence in public speaking to a level I could only dream of. It also proved that we do not need to imitate public speaking gurus but learn from them and develop our own style to positive effects. Our business has definitely benefited from the training of our senior staff and has tremendously increased our pool of people to speak on behalf of the company. Talking Presentations delivers two winners: the individual and the business.”

  • Richard Hinchliffe, Head of Health Care ANZ Bank New Zealand

    “I participated in Talking Presentations 8 months ago. It provided me with the tools and structure to successfully present to a large audience and the confidence to do it! This has led to stronger and more effective communication within the business.The workshop coaches were experienced and were able to mix discussion, video and feedback. However, to make the most of your investment be prepared to be open, uncomfortable and commit your full energy to learn. When you do, the benefits are immediate.”

  • Alcide Coelho, Head Corporate Quality Manager and Vice President – Engineering TATA Housing and Development Co.

    Talking Presentations has enabled me to realise that a good presentation can be the single most important deciding factor in determining success. I was a participant 7 months ago. It helped me to come out of my shell and transformed me from being conservative to dynamic and effective. This has helped me to make the most of every situation – not just at work but in life in general. I feel that people now understand and appreciate me more and the message I have conveyed remains with the audience long after the words have been forgotten.”

  • Nick Nawfal, Vice President Integrated Operation EH Baker Hughes INTEQ

    Talking Presentations gave me more confidence in the way I prepare for and deliver a presentation. NO slide is required, it’s great! It organised my thinking process enabling me to ensure I deliver my message. This has added much value to business; more professional presenters give a better impression to the audience. I’m much more convincing and sell my ideas more effectively. Since participating in the programme 15 months ago, I have recommended Talking Presentations to many colleagues. All my teams have now also participated.”

  • Neville Perry, Country Manager –  Genesys

    Talking Presentations is the most useful workshop that I ever attended. I participated in an in-house programme 12 months ago. It is an easy to follow methodology that allows you to formulate your thoughts, practise speaking, experience visual feedback and have guided improvement all the way through. From a business, as well as a personal viewpoint, my presentation skills increased well beyond expectation. The team really managed the sessions with utmost professionalism and not only did we become better presenters, but had fun doing so… Bravo! I review the feedback the team gave me before every presentation I make.

    For those thinking whether or not to attend Talking Presentations, don’t delay – it is one of the best investments you can make in yourself or your staff.”

  • Hasan Makansi, Partner Potential

    Talking Presentations is a highly effective and life altering training program, with immediately apparent tangible results even after just a two day course. It is an encapsulated version of some of the proven top-end practices associated with the top success stories of our time.

    The skills I walked away with are going to stand me in good stead in any business setting I happen to be a part of, enabling me to influence key decision makers with highly structured, logical and cogent presentations/pitches.”

  • Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director Education Cluster – TECOM Business Parks

    “Since enrolling in Talking Presentations a year ago, my communication and presentation skills have improved tremendously. Moreover, my self-confidence in delivering speeches and presentations in major conferences such as NAFSA, AIEA and Going Global was enhanced significantly because of the effective tools that I learned to use in the training course”

  • Kevin Bickerstaffe, Vice President Sales Chloride UPS Systems

    It is now 6 months since I participated in the Talking Presentations workshop. I have personally benefited by becoming more confident in what I say and how I present it. I have since made presentations to both internal staff and customers. They have all been well received and crucially more focused; saving time and improving the message.

    My advice to anybody who is not 100% confident in making presentations is to participate in the workshop. You will immediately feel the benefits.”

  • Adrian Hayes Corporate Coach & Keynote Speaker

    “I participated in Talking Presentations a number of years ago. The course was unlike any other public speaking courses I had ever attended and was truly excellent. As someone who does a lot of presentations, my objectives were continual improvement rather than overcoming fear/gaining confidence. For my fellow participants who were not accomplished presenters, it enabled them to grow massively in self-confidence and develop effective communication techniques. For those of us with experience, it provided the skills to make our presentations far, far more dynamic.

    I recommend Talking Presentations to anyone seeking to become good, or the best, in this vital business area”

  • Jimmy Poon, Director & Managing Partner ELEVAY

    “It has been almost a year since I participated in Talking Presentations. The impact has been great:

    - My day-to-day business presentations have benefited immensely in terms of delivery and result achieved. I’ve pushed numerous projects forward through presentations made since the course!

    - Preparing presentations has become a lot less painstaking, therefore less time consuming.

    - The main message is clearly communicated. There is no chance of information getting ‘lost in translation’ In addition, it enabled me to become and even more confident communicator.

    It’s a must-attend experience for anyone in business. Communication is key! ”

  • Elizabeth Filippouli, Founder & Director Global Thinker

    “I found it very interesting that almost everybody has a fear of public speaking. While I am an accomplished presenter in my first language, for me the workshop was very useful because English is my second language.

    Talking Presentations – in which I participated 9 months ago – gave me confidence in effectively delivering speeches in English. We live in the era of good PR and impeccable image. This workshop will definitely help any professional improve the way they communicate their message.”