Team Leadership

Creating and leading a high-performing team is the ultimate challenge and the goal for any leader.

Where do you start if you are a newly promoted manager without prior experience, or a first line manager that isn’t gaining the team traction required to deliver results?

What approaches can you take if you are a middle level or senior manager who has successfully managed a team in the past, but now need to respond to ever-increasing performance expectations whilst operating day-to-day in a VUCA environment?

8ack has developed two training courses in direct response to handing these questions, for both first line and senior managers, condensing key learnings in a practical and engaging manner over the course of intensive 2 to 3 day workshops.

Walking Team Leadership teaches you, as a newly promoted first line manager or an experienced manager needing a refresher, how to demonstrate leadership to your team to achieve results in a fast changing world and Best in Class (BIC) Team Leadership tailors the coaching of these critical leadership skills to experienced middle level managers and / or new senior managers.

Walking Team Leadership
8 & 9 October

Best in Class (BIC) Team Leadership
10-11-12 October

These two high-impact workshops are developed by former senior leaders from two of the world’s leading organisations – Procter & Gamble and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Both of which are are designed to include a great mix of experiential-learning, self-discovery exercises, assessments and case studies.

During the workshops participants will develop an ‘On the Job Application Plan’ that can immediately be applied when they return to the workplace and deliver instant impact on their team(s) / organisation. Participants will interact with one of 8ack / Kinetic trainers (a group of accomplished industry executives who led world’s leading organizations) not only during the training but also before and after the workshop in group tele-coaching sessions to ensure successful learning application.

For further information or to register, contact or call +971 4 3625264.