Who Should Attend?

Companies often win business following a presentation to the most senior decision-makers in the market.

Talking Presentations is therefore particularly appropriate for Directors, Executives and Senior Managers who need to ‘deliver’ in these crucial presentation situations.

This powerful two-day workshop will take your public speaking, presentation and communication skills to a new level. We equip you with our simple, clear and proven strategies to professionally influence your audiences; large or small. Our interactive training enables you to clearly communicate your message ‘on your feet’. Our invigorating coaching empowers you with the self-confidence to deliver truly inspiring presentations!

Non-Verbal Communication

Over 90% of the successful delivery of every message is created by non-verbal communication such as gesticulation, body posture, voice modulation, intonation, pausing, pacing, facial expressions and eye contact. In order to achieve the desired effect and impact, it is important that presenters master these non-verbal communication skills.

A vital element of the course is providing participants with the non-verbal communication tools and techniques of world-class presenters, as well as helping them to become self-aware of the positive impact of their own body language. Over the two days, they develop their own style to ensure their communication generates the desired effect.

Workshop Objectives

  • 1. Design & Deliver Presentations for Maximum Impact by:
    • Attention grabbing opening – memorable close
    • Using a structure to keep my audience engaged
    • Developing a ‘story-teller’ style by ‘painting pictures’
  • 2. Build Unshakeable Self Confidence by:
    • Communicating more assertively
    • Becoming more willing to express opinions and ideas
    • Developing greater inner belief in myself and my abilities
  • 3. Think Clearly Under Pressure by:
    • Demonstrating confidence in uncomfortable situations
    • Responding successfully to ‘difficult’ or ‘pointed’ questions
    • Controlling my physical and psychological reaction to pressure
  • 4. Construct a High Impact Presentation From a Magnitude of Data by:
    • Turning subjective ‘stuff’ into objective points
    • Understanding what my audience ‘needs to know’
    • Utilising only the key points that support my message
  • 5. Be at Ease When Making Presentations by:
    • Being myself when presenting
    • Seeing myself as a captivating presenter
    • Visualising ‘success’ and telling myself ‘I can do it!’
  • 6. Win Others Over to Your Way of Thinking by:
    • Logically sharing the reasons why ‘this’ is the way forward
    • Connecting emotionally by outlining benefits/consequences
    • Showing greater energy, enthusiasm and belief in my presentation
  • 7. Project Powerful, Persuasive and Authoritative Professionalism by:
    • Engaging and retaining my audience’s attention
    • Trusting myself to speak without notes or a script
    • Handling challenging audiences and challenging questions
  • 8. Develop the Communication Skills to Become a Great Presenter by:
    • Motivating and inspiring people
    • Being recognised as enthusiastic, open and approachable
    • Using non-verbal communication to let the ‘real me’ shine through
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